Modern electric heaters provide an effective means of warming the air inside a house. However, they don’t give your interior the aesthetic appeal that comes with watching the actual flames as they burn.

For those looking to incorporate this classic feel, a wood stove is a much better option. It is easy to put in place and also has a high level of safety compared to other alternatives like having an open fireplace.

In addition, wood pellet stove inserts boosts the value of your property which comes in handy when you are looking to sell. Here is what you should know and things to consider if you decide to get one.


They come in various sizes that suit a wide range of heating needs. For cooking purposes you should get a small one that can be handled easily.

Also, a small one requires only a small amount of fuel hence is economical. For warming the house you will need a relatively bigger one depending with the size of the room.

If you get one that is too big it will end up making the room too warm and also consume a lot of fuel thus it will be wasteful.


The stove is subject to regulations that ensure its proper use. It must be in line with building regulations that serve to make certain that it is installed well and doesn’t pose any threats.

For instance, it should not be near any inflammable materials such as gas or petrol storage. To ensure that such regulations are observed you should entrust the job to a professional technician.

Besides that, the stove itself should meet the standards of relevant bodies like environmental protection agencies. This is to ensure that it doesn’t pollute the environment by emitting a lot of smoke.


Considering this aspect will help you choose a stove that consumes less fuel. It will reduce your energy bills and save you money.

Efficiency is affected by aspects such as material and design. For example, insulators are poor conductors of heat hence if used they will help to conserve energy by minimizing heat loss through conduction.

A compact design that properly encloses the interior will also help save some energy. When buying you should check the efficiency ratings. Go for those with a rating of at least 70%.


Some stoves are efficient in terms of energy consumption but operating them is cumbersome because of how they are designed.

A good one ought to be simple in structure and easy to use. This also makes it easy to clean. Read more here


Generally, fire is a risky thing and so it should be used in a careful manner in a regulated environment.

Before you consider the installation protocols and regulations you should first ensure that the model you buy is designed with safety in mind. It should be able to contain any gases emitted and channel them through the vent put in place.

Otherwise, toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide might leak and result in fatalities. Besides that, make sure it has a tamper-proof screen to keep off and protect small children from getting hurt.


A properly maintained stove will last for a long time and allow easy detection of faults to avert further damages.

As time goes by the stove tends to get degraded and experience a decrease in the level of efficiency.

This can be slowed down by ensuring that you use it in the right way and always observe the maintenance routine. You can also schedule routine inspections to be conducted by professionals.


The value is influenced by several factors like design, size, and efficiency. A high quality stove will probably cost you a lot of money but it will be worth the price considering the benefits.

It will serve you well for a long time without problems. Take time to consider your specific needs so that you can choose a stove that will properly suit them. When making a budget you should also include the installation cost.

This might not be necessary if the company you purchase from offers free installation as part of after-sale services. Thus it is worth comparing different companies before deciding to buy from one. Click here to learn more.


The use of wood stove is a good way of heating the air inside your house to make it warm. Although it uses wood as the main source of fuel it can be designed to maximize efficiency hence minimizing deforestation. When buying you should ensure that it is properly designed with the aspect of safety being taken into account. Also, it is best to have it installed by a professional who knows the regulations and will adhere to them. Be sure to keep it in good condition by following the maintenance routine. Where a repair or replacement is required it should be done promptly.