There comes a point in every parents’ life when their children begin to put away their kiddie toys and start taking an interest in more mature hobbies and pastimes. When this transition begins to take place, it is time for their cute little kids’ room to transform into one that better reflects their preteen or teenage personality.

Fortunately, while you might purchase wood appliques for mantels and cabinets in certain rooms of your home, your teenage child likely won’t be interested in such levels of sophistication.

That said, they will certainly have more refined tastes than yellow and blue, alphabet adorned dressers and murals of bubbly animals and smiling trees.

On that note, here are six tips for transitioning your kid’s room into a teenage bedroom.

Work on the Project Together

Teens are on their way to becoming adults and many wish to be regarded as such, if not a bit prematurely. Nonetheless, allowing your teen to have a voice in renovating their room is important. It is their room, after all. However, this does not mean that you don’t have a say as well. Remember — as the parent, you always hold the power to veto any design decision.

That said, including your teen on important decisions like color schemes, different bedding options, which shelf brackets to use for open shelving and other such décor choices will go a long way toward creating a bedroom that your child loves and appreciates.


Plus, taking this approach will allow you and your child to build some wonderful memories together, which simply would not happen if you were to undertake the project by yourself.

Ditch the Kiddie Stuff

A new chapter is opening in your child’s life, which means that it is time to do away with things that are age inappropriate to make room for things they will need — like a study desk.

Thus, when redesigning your teen’s bedroom, remove any kiddie books, toys, furniture, rugs and other items.

That said, there will potentially be a small number of items that they are not yet ready to part with, such as a teddy bear or toy. Therefore, it is wise to go through the removal process together as well, instead of just giving all of their stuff away or chucking it in the trash.

If you throw away something that still holds sentimental value for your teen, you are going to have one angry child on your hands.

Invest in New Furniture

While that race car bed was the coolest thing in the world for your eight-year-old boy, your teenage son probably thinks it’s embarrassing (and it is, given that he doesn’t fit in it anymore).

Therefore, it is time to invest in new furniture for your teen’s bedroom, including items like a larger bed, a study desk, a new dresser, possibly new storage solutions like bookshelves and similar items.

Thankfully, there are a multitude of places to buy teenage bedroom furniture online, which also means that it will be easy to present your teen with various options.

Change the Color Scheme

One surefire way to give your teen’s room a new look and feel is to paint the walls in a more mature fashion. While that tone of blue or pink certainly served its purpose, your teen has officially outgrown the shade and would likely prefer a darker or more neutral color.


Create a Blank Canvas

Teenagers are notorious for having tastes that change from one minute to the next. This means that decorating the room in a way that will enable your teen to regularly change up the aesthetic can be a wise decision.

By creating a space wherein posters, pictures and decorations can easily come and go, your teen will be able to constantly ensure that their room is a reflection of themself.

Implement an Abiding Style

Your teen is likely going to be in that room for years to come, which means that applying whatever is in vogue today can result in a dated room tomorrow.

Therefore, you will want to find a look and feel that is stylish but that won’t be worn out by their next birthday.

Turning Your Kid’s Room into Your Teenager’s Room

As kids grow up, their tastes will change and evolve. So too must their bedroom décor. However, if you want to keep the peace in your home and build lasting memories, it is prudent to take your teen’s opinion into account throughout the process.

By utilizing the tips listed above, you and your son or daughter will be able to take that tired old kids’ room and transform it into something that is more appropriate for their age and current personality.