Brass floor waste is a good option for a number of reasons. Among these is its cost effectiveness. Prices are competitive among different suppliers. It is worth taking some time to compare prices before making a purchase. Buying brass floor waste in bulk will enable you to enjoy discounts. However, you must be aware of the installation and maintenance requirements of brass floor waste before buying. Read on for more information. Below are some benefits of brass floor waste.

Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste in Brushed Brass

The Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste in Brush Brass is a sleek, stylish design that blends seamlessly with floor tiles. It’s constructed of marine-grade stainless steel with a brass rim for a flush, seamless appearance. If you have a solid brass floor, you’ll be pleased to know this product ships within a few days. Otherwise, it may take up more days.

Made from high-grade brass, the Pixi Tile Insert Floor Waste is designed to blend in with floor tiles, creating a sleek, flush look. This high-quality floor waste is suitable for tiles ranging from 10 to 12mm thick. Because of its superior construction, you can be confident that this stylish design will last for many years. Designed for use in bathrooms, this model also features coordinated floor tiles and a brass rim for a sophisticated look.

This bathroom plumbing accessory blends the functionality of a floor drain with the appearance of a floor tile. Its brushed brass finish adds a clean, elegant look. It is inexpensive and easy to install, and can fit in with almost any tiling. It comes in a wide range of styles and colors to complement any bathroom. You can even customize the design to match your current tiling.

Akril Tile Tray Uses Brass Floor Waste

The Akril Tile Tray is a floor waste that is designed to be used with ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. The brass body and lid blend into the design, giving it a flush appearance. The tray is laser-cut and made of high-grade stainless steel to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Its high-weight-resistance ensures it lasts for many years. It is rated for 10 to 12 mm tiles, but the exact measurements will depend on the individual installation.

The Akril Tile Tray is made from Torbex(c) and has a built-in fall drainage system to prevent water from pooling in the tray. The tray is structurally sound. It is suitable for bathrooms with up to 12mm thick tiles and can be DIY installed. It is constructed from high-strength, long-glass-fibre composite material. The company that developed the material is Composite Materials Engineering, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of advanced composite materials.

Brass Floor Waste Is Durable

Unlike other types of floor waste, brass is made to last a lifetime. In fact, brass can last thousands of years, compared to the few decades needed for plastic floor waste to break down. Moreover, the brass material is far stronger than other types of floor waste, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it over time. Therefore, investing in a brass floor waste will not only benefit the environment, but it will also save you money in the long run.


It’s also attractive, if you’re planning on installing vinyl flooring. The chrome plated brass construction of this floor waste makes it durable and suitable for most applications. The waste can be easily concealed under the tiles, and is made of high-grade brass. It is made to match the rest of the tapware in the room. Whether you’re replacing an existing floor waste or installing a new one, brass floor waste will be a perfect choice for your bathroom.

Quality brass floor waste can withstand water and abrasion. It has a solid texture, a smooth touch feel, and is highly resistant to rust and acid. Quality brass floor waste has won wide recognition in the industry and has an impressive reputation. Its design and compact structure make it easy to install. The rims of the brass floor waste will blend into the floor tile, giving it a flush appearance. Depending on the installation method, the brass floor waste can accommodate tiles up to 12mm.