If you are home alone and start to hear noises from your piping system, don’t panic and think that it happens due to supernatural forces, because it may be the sign of a plumbing leak. Unwanted sounds from water pipes can be bothersome, but you should not ignore them because they can bring severe damage to your property. In case it happens more frequently than usual, it is time for you to contact a pipe relining Sydney to help you examine the situation. Read on to find out several factors that can result in noises in the plumbing system.

Water Hammer

If you hear a knocking sound in your pipework, it is potentially caused by a water hammer. It may occur if you tend to shut off the valve immediately when the water is still running. Consequently, the moving water is blocked by the extreme force of the valve, resulting in the noises. If no one takes notice of this trouble as soon as possible, the valve will be damaged. Fixing this issue won’t take long. You can easily exchange the troubled valve. If you can’t repair it on your own, you can ask a certified plumber to help you.

Blockage Inside the Pipes

If an obstruction blocks the water flow, the pipe tends to produce gurgling sounds that can break the silence on the property.


3 Possible Causes of Noisy Water Pipes | Home Matters | AHS

If the air pockets are found within a high-pressure plumbing installation, it will interrupt the water circulation and cause loud gurgling noises. This issue frequently occurs in any plumbing system. However, you should not worry about it because it is possible to be fixed by emptying it after you separate it from the main power. It is obviously an unpleasant experience, but it is not hazardous.

Pipe Leak and Burst

A huge part of the plumbing system in any property is usually hidden in the walls. Therefore, it isn’t easy to conduct a regular inspection of the piping system. In this case, you should always be alert if you hear an unexpected strange sound of flowing water behind the wall. It can signify that there is a leak or hole in your pipes. Once it occurs, you should not ignore it or even try to solve the problem on your own. We highly recommend you to immediately ask for assistance from a reliable and experienced plumber, because the longer the damage is left unsolved, the worse destruction it will bring to your property.

Those are the potential factors that can cause noises in your plumbing system. It is important to regularly check the condition of water installation in your building. So that you can mitigate water damage that may disrupt your daily activity. If you are considering to repair it, you should take a pipe relining as an option instead of pipe replacement. Pipe relining cost is affordable and it offers high-quality service so that you will get a better piping system without having to spend a fortune to dig your landscape or deconstruct your property.