Car repair manuals are a go-to option for many individuals who want to cut on their mechanic’s fee or simply love performing DIY maintenance of their car. There are many basic maintenance jobs that you can perform on your car with just your car repair manual without having supervision or professional opinion.

Basic maintenance tasks like changing your car’s air filter which often has particles of dust that could clog the filter, replacing old windscreen wipers with new ones as using old worn-out ones can damage the windscreen, changing your car’s spark plugs,  changing your engine’s oil which would protect your car’s engine from contamination and corrosion and other such DIY jobs can be easily performed with the help of a car repair manual.


To start with the DIY maintenance process, you need to equip yourself with a renowned and reputable source to download car repair manuals. If you’re buying a commercial manual, then iFixit, Haynes, Chilton, and Mitchell1, to name a few, are some of the well known and credible commercial car repair manuals you can download or buy from a third party site and you can also get your hands on a paperback hard copy. However, if you’re looking for a factory service manual then you will have to get in touch with your car’s manufacturer or a professional mechanic or download them from a credible third-party site.

After getting your hands on a repair manual that is in accordance with your maintenance goals, the next step is to thoroughly go through all the necessary and relevant details that will assist you in performing your car’s maintenance jobs. After you’ve read all the steps properly the next step is to perform all the necessary steps in the given order and not miss out on any step as it is a technical process and skipping through could cause potential harm.

Another thing to keep in mind while performing maintenance task is to equip yourself with a useful tool kit which has all the basic and necessary tools like screwdrivers, torque wrench, a car jack, adjustable wrench, pliers, etc. this is an important step which you cannot miss as you won’t be able to perform even basic technical tasks with bare hands and without having the relevant tools.

To ensure proper maintenance, many well-known repair manuals include the do’s and don’ts of maintaining your car properly. There are tips written usually after every step or at the end of car repair manuals that you should go through.

Even though you can perform all basic and fundamental tasks with the help of a car repair manual, there are certain aspects and parts you shouldn’t touch as doing so would only do your car harm. Tasks like changing your car’s airbags, clutch, air conditioner, gears, or jumpstarting your car’s battery should be left to a professional mechanic. It is handy and useful to learn the basics. However, it is also important to know when to step back.