Website designing is getting easier with time due to platforms like Squarespace and WordPress. You can easily build your website with these platforms. But there are some website design mistakes that run wild online. It may be because of the convenience that some platforms provide to their customers. And now people design their websites and logos by themselves due to which chances of mistakes also increased.

A website designing is not just about choosing good images and writing content. If you are making a website for branding, then you should be keener about the mistakes and try to avoid them. According to statistics, people like reading well-designed stuff and stop their engagement with a website if images take too much time to load. Moreover, most business owners prefer to invest in improved websites.

So, the above content highlights the importance of a well-designed website for online business. You can buy the cheapest domain in Pakistan for your online business. Buy hosting, domain name, and create a good website. Because only superior content is not enough when people are not interested in reading it. You need to avoid frequent website design mistakes so you can attract more visitors to your website.

Here we have some ways to avoid frequent website designing mistakes. By avoiding these mistakes, you will be able to attract more visitors to your website

Make Contact Details Visible

Most of the websites make this mistake that their contact details are either missing or invisible to visitors. People do not like to waste their time digging around in search of your contact details. It is quite frustrating if I have to search for your contact number if I want your services.

For example, if a person wants to reserve a table at your restaurant, the last thing he will want to do is to search for your contact number. The same is for the directions. So, your website must have contact information readily available for your visitors.

Your Website Should Have Favicon

Favicon is short for ‘favorite icon’. Usually, when people are online, they have multiple tabs open at once. The more the tabs are open, the harder it becomes to find the track. So, if your website doesn’t have that small icon, people will lose track and won’t come back to your website.

These simple images are on the left of the web page title. They are also visible in a browser tab, browser history, search bar, bookmark menu, and search bar recommendations. You can easily recognize the icons of famous brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. So, if you want your customers to return, avoid not having a favicon.

Not Being Mobile Friendly Mobile

Another mistake that you should avoid is not having a mobile-friendly website. Because if you have to zoom in and zoom out frequently when browsing on your phone, it is quite frustrating. Because it is not easy to do on the phone. So, your website should be mobile-friendly, and your content should fit any device.

The smart way to avoid this mistake is by using a responsive web design that makes the content readable immediately without the need to zoom in.

Few Factors That Must Be Included

There are a few other factors that must be included in your website designing otherwise it won’t be user-friendly. Many web designers make the mistake and don’t include them. These factors include content that can be played on any device.

Moreover, redirect options, touch elements, font size, and website headers should also work well for all devices.

Avoid Videos and Music that Plays Automatically

If I open a website and loud music starts instantly, I will push the back button immediately. Because when people visit a website, they want the relevant content, not soundtracks or videos. So, give the visitors a simple and clean experience.

Avoid automatically playing videos and audios because people are not in a position to watch and listen to them.