There are many different types of clubs in Australia, such as nightclubs, sporting clubs, social clubs and more. One such style of club that’s rapidly gaining prominence, particularly in areas like Western Sydney, is the lifestyle club.

But what is a lifestyle club and why would you want to join one? Read on to learn more about lifestyle clubs and their benefits.

Definition of a Lifestyle Club

A lifestyle club is often a club transformation of an existing venue, such as the current transformation of a Catholic club in Lidcombe in Sydney’s West. The Lidcombe Catholic club is just one example of how lifestyle clubs are proliferating in Australia’s biggest cities.

Although definitions can vary, the most common definition of a lifestyle club is a social and entertainment club that has been expanded to incorporate a whole range of other facilities. Rather than just being a venue where patrons can enjoy a drink or have a meal, lifestyle clubs tend to offer much more.

Some things you would expect to find at a lifestyle club, apart from a bar and restaurant, are playground facilities for kids, possibly a sporting venue, pool and snooker, cafes, a health and fitness centre, function rooms and more. Essentially, all these facilities are located in the one area or building.

Let’s now look at just a few benefits of joining a lifestyle club.


The idea of a true lifestyle club is to ensure all facilities are conveniently located in one venue or very nearby. Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of frequenting a lifestyle club is convenience.

When what you need is all conveniently available in one location and there’s no need to travel from one venue to the next, it saves time and therefore enhances the patron’s lifestyle. For example, at a lifestyle club, you would be able to get a workout in, have a shower, visit the restaurant for a meal and then enjoy a drink and entertainment in the bar area afterwards.

A Great Place to Meet Friends or Make New Ones

With a selection of facilities like a health and fitness centre, social clubs and bars, restaurants, cafes and other venues, lifestyle clubs offer the perfect environment to meet up with your friends and you’ll also likely make some new friends as well, the more often you visit. With a casual and friendly atmosphere, even if you venture out alone, you’re bound to find someone to socialise with at a lifestyle club.

Multiple Dining Options

Just about everybody enjoys having a meal out with a partner, friends or family and you’ll discover that a quality lifestyle club offers a number of good dining choices.

You’ll likely find a restaurant that offers classic dishes like steak or seafood, as well as restaurants featuring exotic cuisine from other nationalities, such as Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai.

Once dinner is done, you can conveniently stroll to the bar area for some after dinner drinks and evening entertainment.

The Entertainment Doesn’t Stop

On any day or evening of the week, there will be some form of entertainment happening at a lifestyle club to keep you occupied. Aside from enjoying a meal or a drink at one of the bars, there will often be live entertainment in the evenings, along with things like regular raffles, playing games like bingo, trivia, pool and snooker and more.

There is always something fun to do at a lifestyle club.

Lifestyle Clubs Are Family-Friendly

Lifestyle clubs don’t just cater to adults, as they are designed to be family-friendly venues. You’ll often find a lifestyle club has a dedicated play area just for the little ones and the restaurants and other facilities on the concourse are child-friendly as well.

In fact, many lifestyle clubs regularly host special events just for kids, especially during the school holidays.

So, if you’re planning on visiting your local lifestyle club, you can be confident you can take the entire family along.

The Takeaway

Lifestyle clubs are far more than just social clubs. They encompass a range of facilities all on the one concourse.  They are the future of quality living and entertainment and we’re sure to see more and more lifestyle clubs being developed around the country in the near future.