Spider web face lift is preferred by many people today as a face lift method. It is a non-surgical technique used to make the skin look younger and more dynamic. In the procedures, the threads that are compatible with the skin of the people are placed in the lower skin of the skin by means of a needle. Thus, both sagging and signs of aging are eliminated.

These procedures, which do not require general anesthesia, can be completed in a short time. It is also very practical as the results can be obtained immediately.

These processes, which give vitality to the skin, are performed in a special way for each skin. Working professionally in its field, Healdone successfully carries out spider web face lift operations.

What Are The Pros Of Spider Web Face Lift?

After spider web face lift procedures are completed, it is possible to achieve a more dynamic, youthful and vibrant skin immediately. This helps you see results immediately. There are also advantages such as;

Spider Web Technique - Non-Surgical - Best Surgery Turkey

  1. The application can be renewed upon request.
  2. It is not a painful procedure.
  3. There are no incisions or scars.
  4. Patients can return to their daily lives immediately after the procedure.
  5. Makeup can be done without problems.
  6. The threads used are soluble.
  7. It supports the skin’s collagen production.
  8. It is effective on wrinkles and fine lines.

With spider web face lift, which is a simple and safe procedure, it is possible to achieve the look you dream of in a short time.

How is Spider Web Face Lift Done?

In the spider web face lift procedure, it is first decided whether the patient is suitable for this. If there is no problem, the area is cleaned first. Anesthetic cream is then applied. When it shows its effect, it is entered just under the upper surface of the skin with the tunnel technique.

Very small openings are created in the skin with fine-tipped needles. The spindles are also placed with light movements. Thus, a tighter adhesion is ensured.