Wall-mounted dispenser models must be used in the washbasins of public areas such as workplaces, schools, hospitals. It is very important to use soap dispenser models that will minimize contact to be protected from viruses and microbes in public areas. Touch Australia also produce easy-to-use and robust dispenser models as well as sanitiser production.

Due to the designs and ease of use of the soap dispenser models, it is safely preferred in many collective areas. Soap dispenser models, especially preferred in the washbasins of public areas, provide high hygiene. Therefore, you can provide protection from pathogens such as viruses and microbes.

Mounting dispenser models on the wall will save both space and provide hygiene for users. Therefore, the wall-mounted feature is very important to be protected from pathogens such as germs and viruses. Soap dispenser models are very inexpensive because they can be filled repeatedly. Soap dispenser models produced by Touch Australia brand have volumes from 1000 ml to 1200 ml.

Soap dispenser models can be used with both gel and foam soaps. In addition, since the automatic dispenser models work with batteries, they can be used for a long time up to 30,000 pumps. Thanks to its easy installation and usage feature, it can be used safely in many collective areas.

You can purchase soap dispenser models produced by Touch Australia company to use in places such as workplaces, schools, shopping malls. In addition to being very affordable, prices attract attention in the market with their quality features. Since company is a customer-oriented company, it offers products to their customers at affordable prices.