Do you love spices and add these for cooking? Then you would know that it is one of the most favoured and prized spices on the planet. It is saffron, and it isn’t only popular in these modern times but has already been documented and made mark centuries back. It was a top-selected spice often requested by royal blood, pharaohs, cooks, and medicine men and women. It isn’t only pleasing to the eyes; it is medicinal and a tasteful culinary choice.

Why is saffron a key ingredient to achieve perfect cooking? How does it taste and the costs involved?

How will it add flavour and spice to your preferred dish? Where can you purchase the highest quality today? Find out all you need to know below.

What is Saffron?

It appears threadlike red, with its yellow hue, has a powerful impact on the world. It is notably the most precious and known spice that continues to be a legend in the culinary industry.

Saffron comes from the flower stigmas for the plant saffron crocus (crocus sativus). It is a member of the iris plant family. It comes from the Asia Minor region, and most of the saffron, up to 85%, is Iran-produced.

Because of its many uses, it isn’t solely added to food. In truth, many people have used it as perfume, dyes, and medicine until today.

How Much Does it Usually Cost?

The price tag on saffron is never cheap. There’s a viable reason for this: cultivating saffron requires intensive labour to grow and obtain spice successfully.

11 Impressive Health Benefits of Saffron

The workers harvest the saffron flowers by hand. Did you know that a single pound of the saffron flower collected has to reach at least 75,000 blossoms for them to manufacture the highest class of the product?

Another astounding fact about the saffron plant is that it is a sterile triploid. It indicates that saffron crocuses cannot reproduce or grow naturally in the wild. As a result, the cloning process becomes a top procedure to continue the high quality and highly prized spice growth.

How Does it Taste?

You might be surprised with what you’re about to discover as it is incredibly delicate and fragrant. When it reaches your taste buds, it has the slightest sweet but luxurious taste and is exceptionally mysterious. The taste is, without any doubt, quite tricky to put into words. However, as soon as you’ve tried a dish made with saffron, you’d know it and will never forget it.

Where Can you Get the Famous Spice?

It is a distinct spice and easily accessible via purchasing online or even shopping in grocery stores. Nonetheless, the highest qualities are always kept in for safety, and different forms of transaction usually happen to ensure it won’t end up being stolen.

There are variations of the best and most popular varieties in the market today. These are cultivated from great countries too. Click here to find out where to buy saffron and add it to your menu today.