Turkey’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport is one of the most important airports in the world, home to millions of flights every year. Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which is one of the central points of airline transportation, dynamically maintains its high standards in airline services in ground handling. With the ground handling services of the airport, where many firsts in the world are located, the waiting times at the airport are no longer a pain. Sabiha Gokcen hotel exhibits a new generation approach to hotel services. You can benefit from ultra-luxury facilities for all kinds of needs in the special waiting room located in the ground handling area. It helps to take advantage of ultra-luxury standards at the airport by eliminating the pain of having to wait for the flight time on the tops of the chairs.

Thanks to Kepler Club services, Sabiha Gokcen hotel can benefit from a new generation experience in hotel services. Especially in this ultra-luxurious waiting room at the airport, it is possible to have the opportunity to meet sleep, bathing, dining, and many other special needs in an extremely luxurious and at the same time economical way. In the sleeping chambers specially designed by Kepler Club, it is possible to rest in a completely safe and comfortable way before the flight. Apart from that, Sabiha Gokcen hotel helps to evaluate the waiting times of the flight time more efficiently and more comfortably with its important services such as special media and entertainment tools, free services, and internet connection support. It is ensured that everyone can benefit from these services, which are charged hourly, in a very convenient way. With its high-tech infrastructure, it enables the highest quality standards in every subject.