When thinking about safety equipment for your truck, “headlights” may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, good headlights help you see better and help ensure you are seen. Bright truck headlights assembly reduce eye strain at night and keeps you alert during long hours behind the wheel. Regardless of the age of your device, you have a number of options to improve the performance of your headlights.

Truck Custom Headlights

If your car still runs with sealed headlights, consider upgrading to a brighter halogen unit. The individual set is quite affordable, so replacing them as a pair is not a big hit to the wallet. There are more expensive “custom” sealed light replacements that add built-in LED bulbs, but be aware that the low/high beams themselves may not be brighter. If the budget allows, you can find traditional round or rectangular glass units that allow for replaceable high-wattage bulbs.

Year-specific headlight assemblies with separate headlights and signal bulbs greatly expand your upgrade options. First, it’s easier to replace only the bulbs in these assemblies. The market offers brighter halogen bulbs or you can use the latest LED bulb technology. Be aware that most LED bulbs contain some kind of heatsink or even a built-in fan to dissipate the high temperatures. This makes these units larger than the old bulbs to the point where not all LED bulbs will fit into the headlight housing.

How to Replace Headlights on your Car or Truck - YouTube

Headlights with Plastic Lens

Of course, the brightest bulbs in the world won’t project more light if the plastic outer lens turns opaque. There are so-called “headlight restoration kits” that work up to a point. The plastic will eventually lose its transparency again. If the lens is cracked, or if you’ve tried the restoration route with little success, you’ll need to consider replacing the entire unit.

Safety Check

Regular inspection of the headlights is the best practice for any road vehicle. Truck drivers add more miles and spend more time on the road than the average commuter, so once again headlights should be part of any overall safety check. Get in the habit of checking both headlights for chips, cracks, water ingress, and even brightness. It’s worth considering upgrades that will give you brighter and safer headlights.

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