Recognizing team members on a budget can be difficult, especially with a limited budget. With so many millennials entering the workforce, it’s easier than ever to find those willing to accept a lower salary in exchange for the opportunity to learn new skills. Employee recognition is crucial to all teams, but small, underfunded teams may not always be able to afford to throw a party for their best employees. However, there are still ways to recognize your hardworking employees who deserve the thanks of a celebration.

Give Them A Gift Card Or Surprise Them With A Bonus

Depending on your budget, there are many opportunities for you to reward and recognize your employees. Start building your budget, and you’ll be able to plan a gift card for every employee on your team. If this is not possible, consider granting them some bonus, such as an extra hour at work or an afternoon off. If you want to go big, you can buy each of your employees a gift card to use for a store of their choice.

Alternatively, if you want to go small but symbolic, provide all employees with a modest bonus or extra paid time off. No matter the route you prefer to take, be sure to spend some time discussing the choices with the team, so they understand how much they mean to you.

Set Aside Time For Your Team To Celebrate.

Recognizing team members can go a long way, but never underestimate the value of celebrating your employees and their hard work. Suppose you want to get the most out of employee recognition. In that case, you’re going to want to plan out some fun activities or a party that gives your employees opportunities to bond over their accomplishments.

If you’re using a budget, make sure you allocate some of those funds to your employees. For example, if the budget is $200 and you send each employee home with a $100 gift card, that leaves $100 for each employee to spend on their celebration. Depending on your budget, there are plenty of fun ideas for you and your team members to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Share Your Recognition With Their Social Media Accounts.

Of course, you don’t have to throw a party or pay for a gift card to recognize your team members’ hard work. If the budget allows, you can celebrate by sharing the news of their achievements on social media. Look at these platforms as an opportunity for employees to share their successes and impress their friends and coworkers.

For example, if an employee is on track to meet their goals, consider sharing a picture of their board while they are working. This can be done in real-time, which can help your employees feel motivated and confident about the future. If you’re worried about security and privacy, ensure that you password protect your team member’s social media accounts before posting on them.

Don't Forget To Include Employee Awards In Your Company's Budget

Reward The Best Employees

If you’re in a position of power and can give your employees recognition by offering a raise or promotion, you should take advantage of this option. For instance, if you have an employee who has been consistently going above and beyond the call of duty, consider rewarding them by promoting them to a new title that reflects their achievements. Alternatively, if some employees exceed the team’s expectations, consider giving them a raise or compensation for their years of hard work.

In case you are working with a fixed budget and you can’t give your employees raises, then you should look for other ways to reward them. For example, if their work is outstanding and they have an excellent attitude, consider giving them an extra hour at work or a few days off to relax.

Give Them Awards

One of the best ways to recognize hardworking employees is by creating an award. An award can go a long way towards making their day and showing that you value their work. Awards can be as simple as a trophy or a framed certificate that they can put on their wall. This doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, but the team members will appreciate the recognition and feel part of a special club.

If you’re working with a tight budget, avoid spending money on these award items. Instead, look for free ways to create an award for your team members that shows how much you value them. Of course, awards are a great choice for recognition, but they also serve as a good reminder for your employees of all their hard work. These recognition awards can be presented at a company-wide award ceremony or even in the office.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that when you’re able to recognize your employees’ hard work, they will feel motivated and make an effort to do even better. To build up this motivation and keep your team members engaged, it’s essential for you as a boss or manager to recognize the achievements of your employees. Start with free ways to show appreciation for their hard work, then gradually work your way up from there.