Funchal is the capital city of Madiera and this scenic place has been backed by hills. It is quite well known because of its harbors, Madiera wine cellar, and gardens. Whoever visits Madiera needs to visit Funchal as well because this place is worth exploring.

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Things To Do In Funchal:

If you are a bit confused that what you are going to do once you are in Funchal then here the top 6 things that you need to do before doing or going somewhere else:

Funchel Cathederal-Se

This old historic landmark is located in the city center. The Gothic altarpiece made of gilt woodwork, oil paintings on wood is worthy of exploring.

The Od Town of Funchal

You must go to the old town of Funchal and see the history behind it. The buildings are going to mesmerize you and attract you. Once you are in the old town you can visit the shopping streets Rua do Aljube, Rua de Carreira, and last but not least Rua de Dr. Fernao Ornelas. There are really nice restaurants in the town from where you can have a really traditional lunch.

Visit Mercado dos Lavaradores

How about you try a few fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the farmer’s den? Well, this farmer market is quite a cool and refreshing place to explore where you will get fresh fruits and vegetables.

Breathtaking Monte Cable Car View

How about you take a view of the whole capital city from the top? You need to have a Monte cable car view of this beautiful place. It is the popular attractions in Funchal city. This cable car covers a distance of 3.2km and you will be able to see the city from the top.

Monte Palace Tropical Garden

You can find it next of Monte cable car at the upper station. It has about 100,000 plant species. The place is heavenly, beautiful and peaceful.

Basically, this garden is a part of Quinta Monte Palace. So while exploring the beauty of this place you can visit the historic palace as well. If you won’t have enough time for exploring gardens in Funchal then you need to visit only this one.

Wicker Toboggan Sled ride

From the 19th century, the wicker toboggan sled ride has been using by the local people for moving objects like bread and chairs. How about you try this ride because it is going to be fun. You can sit in the ride and someone will push your sled from the top.

You will be wearing traditional white costumes, straw hats. Two people can sit at once on this ride. It is kind of a devilish ride so if you have the guts you must try I.

Final Words:

The beauty of Funchal can not be described in words. You need to visit this place by yourself. You must try the Madiera wine, explore the historic places, give coolness and peace to your eyes by visiting the beautiful gardens, and have some fun.